Web Design and .Net Programming

Local to the Florida Keys and South Florida

Golem.net Specialities

Golem.net provides internet based programming services. We have 30 years of experience in various programming technologies.

  • We are a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer for Web Applications
  • We are a Web Design company currently offering two specialty packages: Condo Package and Basic Web Site
  • We also provide legacy programming

We are located in Key Largo, Florida and available for work throughout the Florida Keys and the south Florida area.

The Golem.net Condo Package

The Golem.net Condo Package is designed to provide easy access to key association information for unit owners in condominiums. Designed for the internet this application enables unit owners to view information from anywhere with an internet connection. A secure login ensures that only unit owners can access importantant information. The system is designed for easy administration. The base package includes the following features:

  • Domain Registration and 1st year web hosting
  • Home Page Picture and Text Area (max 140 words)
  • Photo Gallery for 20 pictures (customer supplied)
  • Contact US Email Page
  • Up to 7 menu items
  • PDF document support
  • Administrator Page: Easy PDF Upload

For more information on the Golem.net Condo Package watch our YouTube video

The Basic Web Site

The Golem.net basic site is low cost solution designed to give you an internet presence with a minimum amount of time and money. The package includes:

  • A home page
  • Products section of the website
  • Gallery
  • Contact Us page

The products section of the website allows you to showcase 3 products (with product picture and text description) for the very low cost of $300 plus hosting fees.

Legacy Programming Services

For legacy requirements we offer programming services in the following areas:

  • "C" programming for UNIX application environments
  • "C" or "C++" based TCP/IP Socket programming in Windows, UNIX, or IBM Mainframe environments
  • Visual Basic and "C#" programming in Windows environments
  • Assembler programming for IBM Mainframe environments

Please use the Contact Us link above for inquiries.