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01 Dec 2002 Swans Point NC Pelicans 02 Jan 2003 Boat tailed Grackle Charleston SC 03 Jan 2003 Terns on Vero Beach FL 04 Feb 2003 Osprey on Mast in Harbortown Ft Pierce FL 07 Mar 2003 Great Blue Heron food shopping 08 Mar 2003 Tricolor Heron Ft Piercce FL
Pelicans Boat Tailed Grackle Terns at Vero Osprey on Mast Great Blue Heron Tricolored Heron
10 Apr 2003 Greanbacked Heron Coconut Grove Miami FL 12 Apr 2003 Great White Eagret In Islandmarada 2 13 Apr 2003 Great White eagret looking for handout World Wide Sportsman 15 Apr 2003 Jay and the bird fishing Islandmarada 16 Apr 2003 Jay and Pelican at Robbies 17 July 2003 Tail Feathers going for a free rideFL-39
Greenback Heron Great White Egret Looking for a Handout Two Fishermen Birds of a Feather Tail Feathers Above
18 July 2003 Osprey in nest on Wacama River  NC-33 19 July 2003 Visiting Ducks Windmill Pt VA 21 Aug 2003 Daffinella at Windmill Point VA 21 Oct 2003 Ducks in Beaufort SC

30 Jan 2004 Blue Heron in Boca Chita

A Nun's Nest The Visitor Daffinella Ducks in Beaufort

Blue Heron

The Birds

Clean Boat Invaded Ready to Fish The Look Out Feeding Time?


Immature Night Heron Ducky


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