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Created 2/18/04
31A Apr 2003 Coconut Grove Miami Fl Shaded Bench Aug 2003 Colonial Williamsburg VA Hats for Sale 55 Augustine Fence Augustine Fort Bridge
Yummy A Seat in the Grove. Hats for Sale. Ramparts St Augustine Fort Bridge
Feb 2003 Cocoa Beach FL Ron Jon Statue 1 Hop Kee Ildy 35A Ildy at Helm Ildy Dismal Swamp in Fog Ildy JUntitled-21
Ron Jon Tiki Hop Kee Which way Home Ildy on Helm Dismal Wife Well cooked mama.
Ildy unpacked Jan 2004 Boca Chita Key Biscane Bay FL Light House July 2003 Elizabeth City NC Wrights Brothers27 JUntitled-11 JUntitled-13 JUntitled-14
Unpacked  Boca Chita Elizabeth City Gathering Storm Low Water Old Ferry Terminal
JUntitled-39 JUntitled-43 JUntitled-45 JUntitled-53 JUntitled-56 JUntitled-6
Myrtle Beach Low Country Scene Flats Boat Bottom Painting Charleston Estate Red Roof Pier
Mar 2003 Ft Pierce State Park FL Kite Surfer 46 May 2003 Key West FL Sponge Bob Mile Chopper Mile Choppers 2 Mile target practice Oct 2003 Beaufort SC Street 84
Go Fly a Kite Sponge Bob. Chopper Two Choppers Target Practice Beaufort Scene.
Roll1DX-22A Roll2DX-35A Untitled-40 Untitled-59 Untitled-65 Untitled-77
Jet Engine Dismal Swamp fog Pump Problems Skidaway Bridge Pelican Pointe Untold Miles
Untitled-88 Untitled-91 vab
Down the Canal Mirrored Dock Vab


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